Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Wig

When ready to buy a wig at the market, it is always helpful to look through the facts and find out what could be the advantages and disadvantages of using a wig. This will not only help you properly analyze what you are putting yourself into but will also help you know what the benefits are of having a wig and what will be the drawbacks of owning this commodity. So before you go out to get your own wig or even if you may have already bought one, listed below are a few advantages and disadvantages of using a wig to help you.


It’s always best to start from the bad news, but luckily we don’t have much sad news for you. There are a few disadvantages to a wig and those are listed below:

I. Wigs need a little more care as compared to the natural hair. When we care for our natural hair, we take as many precautions as possible to keep our hair intact and out of harm’s way. Similarly, wigs need special attention. Although we don’t have to treat it with hair creams or masks etc. but we do need to handle them with extreme care.

II. Frequent use of the wig can cause the natural hair to be suffocated or be damaged. The damage can be breakage or thinning caused due to tight braiding or leaving under the wig for long periods of time.

III. It takes a longer time to wear as compared to your natural hair. This is because first you need to wear the wig then style it.


Now it’s time for the good news. We have loads of good news for you.

I. Using a wig saves you the trouble of experimenting with your hair. You do not have to dye your original hair and destroy them with the hair coloring chemicals. Also, if you possess straight hair, you don’t have to trouble your hair to create waves or curls or vice versa.

II. You don’t have to cut your hair short or wait for them to grow. If you possess short hair and do not want to change that or have trouble with hair growth, you can easily buy yourself a wig of the desired length of hair and vice versa. No need to lose your original hair.

III. The wig can help you achieve hairstyles that would otherwise be painful on your real hair or prove damaging to your natural hair.

IV. Because wigs are made of human hair, they give a natural feel and look to the wearer leaving you alook you desired to achieve without looking fake.

Even though the price of a human hair wig is slightly higher than a synthetic hair wig, it is a better option when putting to question the durability, realistic look and flexibility to styling. Now that you have the advantages and disadvantaged before you, the choice is all yours.