DIY at Your Home

Not everyone has the time or money to go to professional stylists to get their wigs styled. So let us look at some simple meaningful using which can greatly increase the attractiveness of your wig by using small measures such as clips in hair extensions, highlights, elastic bands and other available items.

This simple style is very easily demonstrated in the seven steps mentioned above that help to make a top bun by using a strong and thick elastic band. Also, it can be quickly done with a minimum amount of effort if the wig is placed upon the head and then faced upside down and by using clips in hair extensions to capture any strands that escape the high ponytail. 

This mid-length knot hairstyle with a number of clips in hair extensions is perfect for medium length hair with blonde highlights. This loose and messy hairstyle is currently very trendy and can be done on many informal occasions and in public gatherings with close friends and relatives.


Season after season, famous and renowned designers have been known to style their models in variations of braids as they walk down the runway. Whether fishtail, a classic or French braid, milkmaid, half-crown braid or side twist, braids are fun and easy to make and they are here to stay. Many other types of braids such as the Dutch braid, the five strand braid and the reverse French braid can be a bit complicated to make but, nonetheless, present an elaborate and beat way to style your hair while keeping in pace with the recent fashion trends.


Explore the different styles that will suit the wig you are wearing, accessorize with flower pins, clips in hair extensions, silk bows, multi-tones and other styles and feel confident about your new look.