How to style African American hair?

African American hair comes in many textures, if you have African American type hair, you may get stuck at times thinking of different ways to style it.But how to style African American hair? Here are a few ideas you can use so you will look pretty at home, school or at play.

Step 1

If you are good at braiding, part the hair down the middle and cornrow each side. Attach a rubber-band at the end so the hair won't come loose. Add ribbons or barrets for a cute detail.

Step 2

Buy a synthetic ponytail.You can get perfect one from prettywighair with a good price. They attach easily with hair combs and draws trings for instant style.

Step 3

Using a hair straightening comb and pressing oil, hot comb the hair straight. This method is effective for very curly or kinky hair. This should only be done by a professional if you've never pressed hair before.

Step 4

Try twisting the hair into several ponytails, and secure with rubber bands throughout. Add barrettes at the end of the ponytails.

Step 5

Use a hair relaxer if you want to achieve a straight look at all times. These can be bought a hairstores, or you could have a hairdresser put the relaxer in for you.


All the steps if you couldn't do it by yourself,get help from your friends or families could be a good choice.