How to Wear Curly Clip in Hair Extensions

Extensions are a dream come true for those men and women who longed to add volume their hairs or increase its length or style differently without destroying their natural hairs. Some people are of the belief that these results can only be achieved when it is styled by a hair stylist who charges a lot of money for doing it. But it is not so. If one follow some simple steps and be steady in the way he or she handles the hair, the curly clip in hair extensions can be worn at home without spending extra money.

For giving as natural a look as possible, it is necessary that the extensions match with the real hairs of the person. Therefore buy accordingly. Unless if you want to experiment with the hairs and give a funky look. If your hairs are naturally curly its fine but if not, then firstly curl your hairs with an iron rod so that the curly extensions blend in with your natural hairs. Divide your hairs into two sections. With the help of fingers or a comb, make a straight line from one temporal lobe to the other and secure the upper hairs on top of the head with the  elp of a hair clip.

Now open the clips of the extension and align it with the horizontal line of your hairs.

Now gently push the clips downwards so that they secure their place. In case of multiple clip-ons, apply one by one.  In case of large ones, start from the top clips and make your way to the bottom.

Now open the upper hairs and gently smooth your hairs so that they blend in with the extensions.


By following these easy steps, money and time can be saved and one can easily wear their curly clip in hair extensions at home.