Instructions for washing and putting on men’s wigs

These days, not only wigs for women are popular, men’s wigs are also very much popular.

The wigs made for men are not easy to put on but there are some instructions that can help

you. They are as follows:

Pin the cap with the hair before wearing the wig. For those who have shorter hair, they

can wear the wig directly without using the cap.

After this, put the wig on your head and start from the front and then pull it from the

front to back.

You should adjust the wig to make sure that your hairline looks natural and make sure

that the ear tabs are on the ear tabs. Adjust the wig properly before your go to a party.

Try to adjust the wig again after putting it on. Use anti-

static tooth comb for combing the wig. If you want to style the wig then you can use the

styling glue. Make layers and texture to the wig so that it remains clean.

Men’s wigs need less maintenance. You should only comb it time to time to keep it in


Try layering the short hair when they are wet using the comb from the front to back and

then make it stand up. You can use styling creams to make these wigs look natural.

When it comes to clean or wash men’s wigs then you need to be very much careful. For this

purpose, here are some instructions to follow:

First of all you detangle the wig using a wide tooth comb.

After this, gently wet the hair using warm water and then soak it in for 5 minutes.

Now, apply shampoo evenly over the hair and rinse it with warm water to get rid of the


Now, apply the conditioner throughout the hair.

Take a towel and dry the wig using it.

After all this, you should style the hair when it’s dry