Katie Holmes Inspired Short Straight Bob

The contemporary bob human hair wigs style enhances the features and the dignity of the

person wearing it. The entire collection of bob wigs at prettywighair is made from pure human hair

that means they can be styled by the choice of the user. Curl them, straight them or blow dry

them, you can do anything you want with them just as you do with your own hair. These wigs

are made heat resistant and they can even be washed if you feel they are getting a little dirty.

Use only wigs shampoos and conditioners to wash the wigs.

You can choose from a wide range of bob wigs. One of the best serving bob human hair

wigs is the Katie Holmes inspired straight bob with a fringe at the front. This bob wigs will

make you feel nothing more like a celebrity. You can feel the softness and smoothness of the

wig just by running your hands through the hair. The color of the wig is what everybody can

go with on their head. The wig is eight in inches that makes it light weighted and you won’t

feel a burden on your head.

The wig is made cap-less so that the customers can wear it easily. Another benefit of the cap-

less bob human hair wigs is that they keep your head ventilated to keep it cool and less

humid. Once you have got the wig at your place you can even check if the wig requires

trimming or should have been shorter and can cut it down to whatever length you want to

have. The wigs at prettywighair are provided with three gifts of a styling comb, two liner wig cap

and six pieces of clips to handle the wig and secure your hair in place. The wig then stays at

place easily and firmly.