Making DIY Styles with Wigs

Who would have thought that wigs will vanish the need of styling your hair. Females were quite obsessed with the problem of styling their hair with all those hair products and hot and cold hair instruments. But all thanks to the availability of wigs, you can style up your hair in any way you like. You can choose from African American wigs, remy hair wigs, front lace wigs, synthetic wigs and even human hair wigs. Do you know you can even style of your hair further even if you are wearing a wig? You can add curls, highlights, straighten up the hair from the wig just like you can style your own hair. For that, you will have to choose human hair African American wigs or any other that you wish to wear. Among the many DIY styles, the classiest one is always a bun. You can easily make a bun even if you are wearing a wig. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to make a bun:


First of all, you have to wear the wig you wear it usually. Tie up your hair, up them up by using hair clips and secure them well. Then wear a cap and wear the wig.

Gather all the wig hair and tie a pony. Then make a whole in between and flip your hair within it. Here is what you must achieve.

Now fold the hair from the pony tail and make a bun like this. Secure the bun with bobby pins.


Make sure you keep the hair low over the hair line, otherwise the edge of the wig cap might be visible.

Here you go, you are ready with your very own wig up-do.

You can even try other styles with African American wigs. Using wigs is best for those people whose hair isn’t easy to manage.