Return of Beyoncé Bob Style

From all the splendid collection at prettywighair, you can easily find the wig hair of your favorite

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The beechy ombre look of the bob she carried was looking perfect with that beautiful white

dress. The red lipstick completed her stunning look in that gown. The Beyoncé bob wig is

made up of pure human hair for easy styling. You can even wash the wig as you wash your

normal hair and dry it to make another hairstyle for another day. The wig can stay longer if

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dryer as well. After that you can make some creative DIY hairstyles with the wig.

The Beyoncé bob wig comes with gifts from prettywighair. 6 pieces hair extensions or wigs come

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as you want after several washes. Use the shampoos that are made specifically for washing

wigs otherwise your wig might wear out and damage before the limited time. Obviously you

don’t want that so make sure the wig does not get much tangled and place on the

mannequin whenever you place it aside.