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Beyonce’s Curly Swiss Lace Wig

Beyonce wigs have got what it takes to steal the show. Although there have been some

malfunctions with her lace wigs but she has always worn wigs so beautifully. That makes

many females out there wonder why to go for everyday styling when you can choose from the

wigs available and style your hair giving a natural yet trendy look? That is why women

nowadays have started to give preference to the human hair wigs which have the ability to

show that it’s your natural hair that are styled according to the latest hair trends.

Among the many Beyonce wigs, the curly Swiss lace wig has become a center of attention

of many. It’s a lace wig with afro curls. It’s a wig to be worn when you wish to look joyful at

some occasion. Such a look can be great on casual and official parties too. You can just pick

any dress you want and wear this curly Swiss lace wig. It is best to choose long curly hair wigs

as long hair sometimes can flaunt your personality really well. Do you know that you can even


Star Wigs – What You Should Know About

In this world of fashion and style, the status of stars and celebrities has been elevated and that

requires them to emphasize on and pay special attention to their beauty, clothes and hair styles.

Celebrity wigs have become a common occurrence in today’s modern world for stars as part

of their glamorous lifestyles to enact a role, to attract attention on the red carpet or to simply

hide the toll that over styling takes on their hair.

There are a number of stars who make use of celebrity wigs and a few of the prominent

names are Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Brandy, Lady Gaga, Kate Perry,

Nicki Minaj, Lala Anthony, Angela Simmons, Teyana Taylor, Tonya Wright, Kim Kardashian,

Wendy Williams and many others.

Let us take a plunge into the world of Hollywood, fashion and design to see how the celebrity

wigs are used by some of our favorite movie actors and stars.

Gwen Stefani’s human hair cap less wig has a wavy blonde style and 16 inches in length and

120g in weight. This wig c

Bob Human Hair Wigs: The New Era of Star Wigs

With the rapid changes in trends of hair styles, keeping up with them has become difficult.

Hairs do not grow over night. They take time to grow back once cut, therefore people who are

very peculiar about their hairs are dreaded on the mere thought of cutting their hairs. Having a

bob cut with fringes or bangs is the new trend in hair styles now a days and many celebrities

are rocking this look. Many of their fans want to follow their footsteps but what they should

know that starts do not magically grow back their hairs over night. Yes; the truth is, they use

wigs. For it to look natural, they use Bob Human Hair Wigs.

Celebrity’s role demands the change of hairstyle. Short in one show and long in the other. So

use of wigs is very common for them. They also use it to hide from media as wigs can

transform a person’s look. Whatever the reason may be, bob style wigs can bring about

revolution in the look of an individual.

Bob style wigs can be used by any woman who wants to rock this loo

How do the stars style themselves?

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks puffed up her bang and the hair from left side, this makes her looks much more younger.

Mena Suvari

Such a great bang style! It looks so natural and cool since she curled the bang a little bit. It’s not only very chic but also very lively!  

Emily Blunt

Like the little clip on her bang, looks tidy and different. And such a different hairstyle adds points for the wholelook too much. And the color is great.

Leslie Mann

Straight,messy,cool,enchanting and sexy.

Emmy Rossum

Delicate face, beautiful make up,matching this side waves hairstyle, such a perfect job!  

Jaime King

Red lips, blue eyes, gold hair, we can’t deny how beautiful she is with this kind of looking!

Amy Adams

It’s easy to take and care for this kind of hairstyle. Just curl the hair a little bit at the end and leave itnaturally. And it looks great!

Jennifer Lawrence

Such a cute bun .The hairstyle suits her face shape too much, she looks gentle, elegant and pretty!

Get To Know About Custom Celebrity Wigs

Getting a hairstyle matching the hairstyle of your favorite celebrity star is a little bit tricky as

you can’t get the perfection yourself and going for a professional might sound expensive to

many people. To make it easy for you, prettywighair has got custom celebrity wigs that your

favorite stars wear. These days most celebrities have been carrying around a shoulder length

hairstyle that has gone best in this summer. It is easy to tie and carry such a look. Stars have

made various stunning hairstyles with this length.

Eva Green Stunning Hairstyles

A lot of funky hairstyles that stars carry are available on the online stores. Eva Green is one of the top grossing actresses that have got style, grace and the one has got amazing hairstyles on

the go.

Eva Green’s Long Curly Haircut

Make it curly or straight, the hair looks great when you secure the front step with a bobby pin on the side. The wigs go great for casual wear when you are in hurry.

Eva Green’s Side Sweep

The elegant side sw

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