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How to style African American hair?

African American hair comes in many textures, if you have African American type hair, you may get stuck at times thinking of different ways to style it.But how to style African American hair? Here are a few ideas you can use so you will look pretty at home, school or at play.

Step 1

If you are good at braiding, part the hair down the middle and cornrow each side. Attach a rubber-band at the end so the hair won't come loose. Add ribbons or barrets for a cute detail.

Step 2

Buy a synthetic ponytail.You can get perfect one from prettywighair with a good price. They attach easily with hair combs and draws trings for instant style.

Step 3

Using a hair straightening comb and pressing oil, hot comb the hair straight. This method is effective for very curly or kinky hair. This should only be done by a professional if you've never pressed hair before.

Step 4

Try twisting the hair into several ponytails, and secure with rubber bands throughout. Add barrettes at the end of the ponytails.

Step 5


Wedding Hairstyles with Human Hair Wigs

Wedding is the occasion where you have to choose such a hairstyle that can complement your entire look. You can use the long human hair wig if you do not have hair long enough to opt for the best hairstyle.

2014 New Bride Wedding Hairstyle To Try Charming Elegant Romantic Long Curly #4/33 Remy Human Hair  Front Lace Wig about 24 Inches


Take alook at the top 3 hairstyles for the wedding that any bride can choose:

Down and long

Long hair hanging down is a choice that can just look perfect on any bride. You can adorn your hair with some hair accessories or even flowers. There are long blonde human hair wigs that can you carry this look flawlessly. This is the look often seen carried by brides on outdoor



Extensions are not just meant for celebrity housewives. If you have thin hair or because of your short cut, you are not able to pick up the best style, just choose the hair extensions. They cannot give length to your hair but also add volume. You are going to look wonderful on this special day. Your hair will look radiant as ever.  


We have been se

DIY at Your Home

Not everyone has the time or money to go to professional stylists to get their wigs styled. So let us look at some simple meaningful using which can greatly increase the attractiveness of your wig by using small measures such as clips in hair extensions, highlights, elastic bands and other available items.

This simple style is very easily demonstrated in the seven steps mentioned above that help to make a top bun by using a strong and thick elastic band. Also, it can be quickly done with a minimum amount of effort if the wig is placed upon the head and then faced upside down and by using clips in hair extensions to capture any strands that escape the high ponytail. 

This mid-length knot hairstyle with a number of clips in hair extensions is perfect for medium length hair with blonde highlights. This loose and messy hairstyle is currently very trendy and can be done on many informal occasions and in public gatherings with close friends and relatives.


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Making DIY Styles with Wigs

Who would have thought that wigs will vanish the need of styling your hair. Females were quite obsessed with the problem of styling their hair with all those hair products and hot and cold hair instruments. But all thanks to the availability of wigs, you can style up your hair in any way you like. You can choose from African American wigs, remy hair wigs, front lace wigs, synthetic wigs and even human hair wigs. Do you know you can even style of your hair further even if you are wearing a wig? You can add curls, highlights, straighten up the hair from the wig just like you can style your own hair. For that, you will have to choose human hair African American wigs or any other that you wish to wear. Among the many DIY styles, the classiest one is always a bun. You can easily make a bun even if you are wearing a wig. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to make a bun:


First of all, you have to wear the wig you wear it usually. Tie up your

How to Get African American Hair Curly?

10 little Tips for Well-Defined Curls


Once you begin learning more about African-American hair, you'll soon discover that it comes in way more than one texture. African-American hair can run the gamut from straight to slightly wavy to super tight coils, but many people of African descent find that their natural hair falls some where in between. You don't have to be biracial or multiracial to have hair that's described as "naturally curly." Curls may range in size from pen spring  to fat marker, but the care and feeding of them is similar. Want to flaunt those curls without worrying about a lot of frizz? These 10 tips are made for anyone seeking well-defined curls.


1. Mit Shampoo in the Shower

This is the best way to cleanse and condition your hair (besides a salon's sink) because it keeps your curls pointing downward. The more you manipulate curls, the more likely they are to frizz. Instead of flipping your head over, washing your hair while your head is upside down,

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