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How to Take Good Care of Your Wig?


Not only our natural hair but also the wigs need some nursing care. Here are 10 small tips from to show you how to do it!

1. Keep the synthetic wig away from high temperature(>150º) since the material is not high temperature resistant.


2. Synthetic wigs can not be stained, you can ask a professional hair stylist to make a trim for it if there is a necessary.


3. Generally, the wig should be washed by 1-2 weekly, but it depends on the frequency of wearing.


4. Don't use hot water to clean the wig, you can wash it with normal shampoo and general conditioner.


5. After washing, don't use hair dryer, better use a dry towel to blot up the excess water. Avoid direct sunlight.


6. After washing do not comb the wig immediately, let it dry first.


7. Use special wig's comb to comb it, don't use plastic comb.


8. If there are knots on the wig after using a long time, please don't pull it hard, better to put

How To Take Good Care of the Clip in Hair Extensions?

Just like wigs, the Clip in hair extensions also needs all the care of washing and drying. This is significant if you wish to create an optimal look or feel. These extensions are made from human hair wigs and they can get dirty just like human hair. They need to be washed too so that you can maintain the natural look for a long time. Your wearable hair should be kept in tip top condition but that does not mean you have to cleanse the extensions and wigs daily.

There are some steps that can help you take care of these extensions by using the same shampoos and conditioner you have at home.

Before washing, detangle the extensions. Be gentle and use a comb with wide tooth. Wet the extensions with cold water and add shampoo. Do not scrub the hair; just gently distribute the shampoo throughout the hair.

Next step is to rinse the extension. Let cool water flow through the Clip in hair extensions in a way that the hair doesn’t detangle at all. Do not wring or twist. J

How to Take Good Care of Curly Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Durability and usage of wigs and extensions can be increased if they are properly taken care of. Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions require more care then others because the curls, one’s lose their hold, can look very bad. Therefore this type of half wigs needs to be used with cautions. A benefit of Human hairs is that they can be styled and washed like natural hairs. Cleaning depends upon its usage. If it is worn every day for a period of 5-6 hours or more, it will need to be washed after every one day.

Washing the human hairs is very easy. The first thing is to comb through the hairs to detangle it. Then, any shampoo made for natural hairs can be used along with a conditioner. The only thing to remember is to reduce the chance of it to get tangled. So avoid washing it in a basin.

One washed, now let it dry on a hair stand and comb when it is completely dry. In case of synthetic hairs, some of its kinds can be curled as well. For them, use hair curlers. Dip t

How to Take Good Care of Real Human Hair Wigs?

Wigs are such products which need proper maintenance and care. Usually the wigs are placed on the mannequins in cool and dry place. The real human hair wigs need a lot of care. The human hair wigs are sensitive so they should not be blow dried and straightened much. These wigs are to be cleaned after every 2 or 3 weeks with special shampoos and conditioners so that the natural beauty of these wigs can be maintained. You should always use the special designed products for wigs in order to wash them. If you will use the regular shampoos, the

wigs would get ruined.

The real human hair wigs are quite expensive. So, one should be quite concerned when it comes to maintaining their natural look. Whenever you wash the wigs, make sure you use cold water. If you wash it with warm water the fibers will get damaged. You should never twist the  wigs after washing it. You should only wash the wig when it’s necessary otherwise you will ruin it. Never sleep with th

Tipps for Wigs Care

Different wig types have got different issues and ways to clean them up. You just have to know about the right methods to get your wig cleaned up. You will see below how to do wigs care that are synthetic and human hair wigs too. Human Hair Wigs. To make the human hair wig look natural and lively always, you need to take care of certain things in order to achieve perfection. All of these wigsare chemically processed. To make themstay longer follow some easy and simple steps given below:

  • Untangle the wig after using with a brush or a comb preferably. Comb from the

    ends to the cap base of the wig.

  • Wash with cold water and go for the same pattern of water flowing as used for

    combing the wig. Avoid soaking the wig in the basin as the hair can again get

    tangled up.

  • Use the shampoos that do not contain phosphate to wash the wig. Apply with your


  • Shampoo the wig evenly.

  • Wash only with cold water. Make sure the

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