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Wearing the Celebrity Noble Wigs

Many different kinds of hair accessories are available in the market. One of these hair

accessories is the celebrity noble wig. These wigs are very much famous among women.

These wigs are made up of heat friendly synthetic material. These wigs are cap-

less and the length is usually short. The style in which these wigs come is straight hair. The

weight of this wig is almost 70g and when we talk about the hair density, and then it’s

approximately 110.

The celebrity noble wig comes with elastic straps which provide more comfort. They have a

natural look and there are made from high quality synthetic material. This wig gives a natural

look because it is cap-less. The basic advantage of the cap-

less wig is that your head stays cool. This is because these wigs are made of less hair and its

specific contraction allows the air to flow through the head and scalp.

How to use this wig:

The celebrity noble wig is quite easy to use. First of all you have to look for the back

and front of the wig. T

Making A Side Sweep With Wigs

If you are a fan of the celebrity hairstyles, you would definitely have the Beyonce hairstyles

in your good books. The most common hairstyle picked by the celebs and the models which

we all see at the runways and award shows is the side swept style.  It is an easy to make

hairstyle which anyone can make even if you think you don’t have hair long enough for it.

You can always choose a wig and start with a hair style. These wigs come in ready to wear

wave patterns that can let you create the same looks seen on the red carpets. You can recreate

the curls on the wig by using a curling iron too. Just be sure that it is not hot enough. The wigs

with front lace should be treated with curling iron quite carefully. The cap construction chosen

is important because that will help in creating a perfect side part that will look realistic too.

Even the beyonce hairstyles mostly comprise of wigs.

Here are the easy steps through which you can create your part:

Put on the wig and make a side part by

Katie Holmes Inspired Short Straight Bob

The contemporary bob human hair wigs style enhances the features and the dignity of the

person wearing it. The entire collection of bob wigs at prettywighair is made from pure human hair

that means they can be styled by the choice of the user. Curl them, straight them or blow dry

them, you can do anything you want with them just as you do with your own hair. These wigs

are made heat resistant and they can even be washed if you feel they are getting a little dirty.

Use only wigs shampoos and conditioners to wash the wigs.

You can choose from a wide range of bob wigs. One of the best serving bob human hair

wigs is the Katie Holmes inspired straight bob with a fringe at the front. This bob wigs will

make you feel nothing more like a celebrity. You can feel the softness and smoothness of the

wig just by running your hands through the hair. The color of the wig is what everybody can

go with on their head. The wig is eight in inches that makes it light weighted and you won’t

feel a burden

Hayley Williams Inspired Dyed Orange Human Hair Bob

The cute Hayley Williams bob can be easily acquired with a little “do it yourself” technique.

Hayley was spotted with the cute orange bob at the 52nd Grammy Awards on January 31,

2010 in Los Angeles. PrettyWigHair has got a plenty of variety of bob human hair wigs in human

hair and synthetic wigs as well. You can choose a bob short enough to create that perfect

hairdo. This is the hairdo that suits pretty much everyone with every face cut. The swept-

bangs bob is very easy to make when you have got the right things at hand.

If you do not want to get orange bob human hair wigs then you can go for any other color

human hair bob from prettywighair and dye it to any color you like. This is not hard to do. Make

sure you do not use any bleach on the wig before applying the dye. All you need is the orange

hair dye (any specific brand you prefer), brush, hair color shampoo that makes the color last

longer and finally a hair conditioner. All these things are found at home as well so you won

Return of Beyoncé Bob Style

From all the splendid collection at prettywighair, you can easily find the wig hair of your favorite

celebrity’s hairstyle. In case Beyoncé Knowles is your favorite celebrity and you are fond of

Beyoncé bob wig then this is the right place to get it. Tons of Beyoncé hairstyles are available

at the site for you to choose from all the innovative hairstyles of the singer/actor. Beyoncé has

made a comeback with her evergreen bob hairdo when she was spotted at the 2014

Grammy's. Get the stylish bob of the famous celebrity at

The beechy ombre look of the bob she carried was looking perfect with that beautiful white

dress. The red lipstick completed her stunning look in that gown. The Beyoncé bob wig is

made up of pure human hair for easy styling. You can even wash the wig as you wash your

normal hair and dry it to make another hairstyle for another day. The wig can stay longer if

handled with care while washing. Leave it on the mannequin for drying or you can use

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